The Type of Male Jacket You Should Have To Maximize Appearance

The Type of Male Jacket You Should Have To Maximize Appearance

The man’s jacket is the clothes that cover the upper body and the length is only up to the waist

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When the weather is cold, the jacket is very fitting for you to use. The types of jackets are numerous with a wide selection of models and materials. Of all the types of jackets that exist, at least you should have 5 types of men’s jacket below to maximize your style!

1. Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker jacket has a characteristic rubber on the wrist, hoodie, and collar so it is suitable for men who often spend time in cold-tempered areas or when riding a motorcycle. This man’s jacket is specially designed so as to keep the body temperature normal and warm despite the weather conditions are not friendly.

2. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket has another name flight jacket. The Outer was originally used by pilots and became a teen fashion trend of the 1970s. In the 1990s, this jacket back trend and used by the singers and hip hop musicians. This man’s jacket has a characteristic bulky or fat form, equipped with a zipper and bag on both sides.

3. Varsity Jacket

Originally, this jacket was named Letterman Jacket and was only used by Harvard University students. Over time, the varsity jacket spread its use to other campuses until high school and is now used by anyone. Characteristic of this jacket is embroidered letters on the left chest. Pair this jacket with casual t-shirts to complement your appearance.

4. Leather Jacket

As the name implies, this man’s jacket is made of leather, both genuine leather and synthetic leather. This jacket is perfect if you want a vintage look or if you want to look more maskoolin. Leather jacket is also very fit to use when riding a motorcycle

5. Denim Jacket

You must be familiar with this one man’s jacket. A cursory denim jacket looks like a shirt, but with a short, straight piece of waist. Denim jackets transformed from the work clothes of American workers in the late 1800s to become one of the latest inventions in the fashion world that is not eroded by the times. The choice of motifs and shapes are also now very diverse. You must have a denim jacket because this one item you can use in various occasions.

So What type of man’s jacket do you already have? Do not forget to complete your jacket collection so that the choice of your style more diverse!
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Know The History Of Men's Boots For Fashion Shoes

Know The History Of Men's Boots For Fashion Shoes

Know The History Of Men’s Boots For Fashion Shoes

Shoes boots are one of the most popular footwear types among men, especially in countries with two seasons. Men’s boots boots have a shoe-like shape in general, but are more closed up to the ankle up, and some even reach the bottom of the knee.

Male boots shoes are usually made of leather or rubber, but also some are made of materials. These shoes are generally worn to protect the feet from water, extreme weather, mud, or chemical hazards.

Today, men’s boots vary greatly and many are tailor-made for specific activities, such as hiking, motorcycles, and fashion. Before wearing these shoes, it’s good to know the history of men’s boots first so you better understand about fashion. Check it gentleman!

Men’s Boots Shoes Originally Used to Protect The Foot Of Cold Snow

When talking about the history of men’s boots, we have to retreat hundreds of years back, precisely in the 1200s. At that time, the Mongolians located in the north of the equator had begun to make a footwear made of yak skin, a cow that lived in Mongolia. They make footwear that looks similar to boots dizaman now.

These footwear are made to protect the feet from the coldness of the snow that all the time blanketed their area of ​​residence. Animal skin becomes the main choice to make these shoes because it gives the right warm effect.

As the times progressed, the use of boots expanded. Initially, the word “boots” is used to call strong shoes that are strong and can protect the feet from dangerous objects. However, now everyone knows how to look male boots. You too do not you?

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Shoes Boots Make Users Become More Maskoolin

During the industrial revolution in Europe, boots were widely used by workers to protect their feet while working. Boots worn by industrial workers are usually made of special rubber resistant chemicals and also features a protective iron on the front.

In America in the 1920s, boots were very popular because they were worn by actors who acted as cowboys in Hollywood movies. The boots they use have a pointy shape at the end and the serrations in the back instead of whips while riding their horses. Now, boots are used for fashion, especially for winter or autumn fashion items.

in asia men’s boots shoes were originally known as high-heeled rubber boots worn by workers to protect the feet from rain or harmful chemicals. Now, boots are widely used in various occasions, both for casual and formal events.

For those of you who like the grim and macho look, boots are perfect for your style. You will automatically look more handsome and steady when wearing boots.

Do not forget to combine boots that you have with ripped jeans or regular jeans to add the impression maskoolin. Do not forget to always take care of your shoes so as not to smell and durable. Dare to try?

Types of Male Boots Shoes That You Should Know

Types of Male Boots Shoes That You Should Know

Types of Male Boots Shoes That You Should Know

Shoes boots are shoes with strong material and have a unique shape, usually boots used for workers who work in the field. But now boots are not only used for field workers just you know.

Boots have evolved into a trendsetter that supports performance. Even now boots have a variety of types and models and cool accents to wear by the men of today. Here are the types of men’s boots that you must know.

1. The Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have the characteristics of ankle high, slim and do not have a rope. Because these shoes do not have a strap, Chelsea boots have an elastic panel to ease you when you want to wear them or release them. You can combine Chelsea boots with bomber jackets, black shirts, and jeans.

2. The Chukka Boots

When you notice Chukka boots have a shape that is a bit similar to Chelsea boots, but chukka boots are equipped with a rope that has two or three holes to tie it up, otherwise chukka boots are usually made of suede.

3. Hiking Boots

This shoe is suitable for you who like to ride the mountain, because these shoes are designed to climb. Hiking boots model is ngepas with ankle, without limiting your movement. For the material itself now Hiking boots made with a smoother material that can support your appearance to be more stunning!

4. The Motorcycle Boots

This type of boots Motorcycle boots have a height above the ankle. This shoe protection is great because it’s designed to prevent friction with asphalt if you fall off your motorcycle.

5. The Military Boots

Military boots have the same function as Motorcycle boots that are equally protects the wearer’s feet. However, because these shoes boots better protect the wearer against the environment that is not friendly. For its own form, these men boots have high ankles and leather. The world fashion icons usually use this type of boots shoes with sunglasses to be more stylish.

6. The Cowboy Boots

This shoe is perfect for you who want to style cowboy. These boots are at least about your calves, not roped and have heels about 2 inches.

Well, it’s been taukan now that boots also have various types. The boots shoes guy you have now go into the type where ya?

The Type of Stocking You Need to Know

The Type of Stocking You Need to Know

To support the appearance, many women use many things to create a beauty and beauty that attracts many people with a perfect appearance

Moreover, many things that are in need of women ranging from body treatments, makeup, accessories, shoes, bags, clothing and even stocking that will be in use. Stocking use is often used in this because many women who want to try something new or cover some of this lower body. However, to manunjang appearance to look more perfect you should adjust to the style and kinds of stockings that you can use accordingly.

Here are some kinds of stockings that you can use as an option that suits you, ranging from color selection, size and type:

• Thigh high

Stocking up thighs that can be used with hold up or stay up high hold on the toe to hold stocking position unchanged, no imprint or pain.

• Knee high tight knee

This stocking has a length below the knee starting from the calf high, ankle high or quarter high.

• Pantyhose

This type of stocking has the shape of trousers, as for various types of pantyhose like sheer waist, suspender or crotchless.

• Body stocking tight body

This stocking covers the legs and body like a jumpsuit shape. In addition body stocking is not just up the arm only but there is also a covering arm.

• Anti UV

This type of stocking will help keep you looking white and smooth while still exposed to the sun.

Open toe tight open. This type of stocking does not cover the fingers and nails so that your beautiful nails are still visible from the dressing stockings.

From several kinds of stockings that you can choose according to your needs, you can use to support the appearance wherever you are. So you do not need to be confused again to choose the stocking that suits your needs.

Tips Choosing Boots Shoes

 Tips Choosing Boots Shoes


Since the first boots do have their own uniqueness that makes many women and men love this type of shoes. Before using boots, of course you have to choose first where boots are suitable shoes you wear. Convenience of the use of shoes will vary from person to person because the shape of the legs owned by every human will be different.

Actually the foot shape there are two types, namely the form of short or wide legs, then form a long leg or slim. The first type is usually owned by women or men who are fat, short, and contained. As for the form of a slender leg is usually owned by those tall and slender.

For women, maybe they mostly choose boots based solely on the interest in the model that looks good, or even just because of a particular brand only. Though you should choose the type of shoes based on the shape of your feet. Here are some tips on choosing boots for ladies with smart. Choose boots that are comfortable with the shape of your feet.

1. Boots Knees

This type of boots suitable for you who have a tall body and legs tiered. So for those of you who have thick thighs and small body should avoid wearing boots type this one because it can make the body look shorter.

2. Boots Wedges

Shoes boots type wedges can be used for various forms of foot type, such as short legs and long legs. But you need to distinguish the cover form of these boots. For those of you who have the shape of a foot level, you can wear wedges with full cover or rope. While you who have short legs, should use wedges with a short cover or just cover the toes only.

3. Ankle Strap

Women boots with this type of boots are usually suitable for those who have high legs, lean, and ladder. In order to form a long leg can look more contained, then you should use strappy shoes. The strap on the ankle can break the line on the foot, making it look too long or thin.

4. Boots Pump Shoes

Third-class boots boots are suitable for women who have short legs. However, you should use boots with open shapes or just cover the toes just to make the foot look more slim.

5. Peep Toe

Type boots shoes this one has a unique shape, which is open on the tip of the foot so as if most of the tip of the toes will look peeping. Peep toe shoes are suitable worn by everyone with different types of legs. In order for you to give a more sexy impression, you should choose peep toe shoes that have more thickness on the sol part just below.

Some types of boots above can be a guide before you choose which boots are right for you. How, quite easy right? Shoesvaganza also has attractive boots to wear on a variety of formal and non-formal events, Bohem Boots Tan by Duff. These boots are handmade in every detail. Materials used from genuine leather of choice. You do not have to worry about comfort issues, these shoes will guarantee the comfort of your feet.