In a world full of pets and online casinos it was always inevitable that the two would eventually cross paths somehow. So today we’re going to be looking at the 20 funniest dog names that are inspired by gambling. Our furry friends tend to mean just as much to us all as family members so let’s have a look at some of the most popular dog names that are related to gambling in some shape or form, shall we?

Let Your Dog Stand Out From the Crowd

Dogs. You either love them or you don’t… but come on, most us do, right? And we bet you’d be surprised at how many female dog names and male dog names are actually gambling related. We all want to give our dogs names that we like so it just makes sense to use one based on your favourite hobby doesn’t it.

Dog Names Inspired by Gambling

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Okay, okay so it might be a bit strange shouting these pet names in the street if they’ve just escaped the lead to chase a cat. You may get a few strange looks when you’re shouting “Casino” or “Blackjack” but at least you can just laugh it off and keep on walking. Hopefully before the dog has caught the cat of course!

We bet you’d be surprised at how many dogs names are actually related to gambling.

So, with that being said, today we’re going to be looking at some of the best dog names that we’ve come across that some way or another resemble gambling. We’ve got a list of boy dog names and girl dog names, some you may have heard of before and we bet some will come as a complete surprise. Some of the unique male dog names could even passed off for a female dog too, but we’ll let you decide on that.

Funny Gambling-Related Female Dog Names

Our little pooches often capture our hearts so picking a name for them is a big thing. But, some people just love funny dogs names and we kinda love ‘em too. There are some seriously cool poker names you could choose from, there’s lots of gambling nicknames in fact there are loads of themed names for pets. So, let’s have a look at some words relating to gambling that you could pick for a female dog and what they mean:

  • Big Bertha – Yeah okay so this would be a pretty funny gambling dog name but it’s probably more common that you think. Generally Big Bertha is associated with a slot machine that has multiple reels
  • Bookie – If you want to place a bet on let’s say the horses or maybe football then you’d visit a ‘bookie’ and you’d hand someone your bet. If you won you’d get your winnings from the bookie too
  • Carousel – Associated with a group of slot machines
  • Casino – If you are looking for funny gambling names why not try this one. Of course we all know the meaning which is a place that can accomodate gambling types
  • Jackpot – We all love to win a cash prize and a jackpot is usually a substantial amount which could increase over time
  • Lottery – Multiple tickets are sold but generally there will be only one big winner
  • Pigeon – This is less common gambling phrase and is often associated with a gambler who may be inexperienced
  • Roulette – A game in which gamblers place bets on numbers which is then determined by the spin of a roulette wheel. The winning number is where the ball on the wheel stops
  • Spinner – This is just another name for someone on an insane winning streak and definitely one of the cooler gambling nicknames in our list
  • ZigZag – Associated best with multi line slot machines and is a slang term that can be used to describe them

Gambling Related Dog Names

Funny Gambling-Related Male Dog Names

If you’ve been racking your brain for a name for your male dog why don’t you take a look at this list and see if there’s any you like:

  • Baccarat – Fans of the game will know that the winning hand is the one that has the highest remainder after dividing by ten
  • Bingo – Come on, we all know a dog named Bingo, right? This has to be one of the most common gambling related dog names there is. Bingo is a game of chance where by numbers are called and you need to match them on your bingo card in a certain pattern to win
  • Blackjack – This could be one of those cool casino card game names and to win at Blackjack you ideally need a ten or face card paired with an ace.
  • Chip – Yet another popular dog gambling name and represents money at a casino
  • Croupier – Often used to describe a live casino dealer
  • Deuce – The term used when you roll a two on a dice
  • Hammer – If you play online slot machines or land based slot for a long period of time
  • Jack – Has multiple meanings; the Jack in a pack of cards, to win a ‘Jackpot’, or the game of blackjack
  • Keno – This is a lottery-like game where you bet on numbers which usually range between 1 – 80
  • Whale – Often used to describe a high roller or anyone betting in excess of $1000+

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So what do you think? Have we persuaded you to pick one of these names for you next pet? Or, does your dog have a gambling related name too? We’d love to hear it. Or can you think of some other names for dogs that are related to gambling that we haven’t mentioned? If so just join us over in the forum and we’ll finish the discussion there.

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