Trendy And Stylish With Snapback

Trendy And Stylish With Snapback

5 ways to use the snapback

Who does not know snapback? This hat was first popular when American baseball players adopted hats as part of their uniform in 1950. Snapback officially became part of pop culture and popular fashion in the 90s as well as a mandatory accessory streetwear look. Various styles using snapback also more and more varied. If you do not know how to use it to look cool and ‘yo’, here are 5 ways to use the snapback you need to know!

Look # 1 – Sloped Sideways

Using snapback in a slight slant to the side is the first way to look outstanding. This style has been shown by many Korean idols who are crazy about this type of hat. You will look fabulous by wearing this sir!

Look # 2 – Up on Top

Up on top style is to use a hat with the front edge of the hat (brim) more up or facing up. Use above the head or slightly above the hair to give a different and fresh impression of the snapback you use. This style will make your face and forehead look more clear, but still seem mysterious.

Look # 3 – High In The Front & Dipped Down In the Back

Using snapback straight backwards is out of date. For that, you need to be more creative by varying it into a dipped down style. May be the front side of the cap facing backwards, but vary the way the back side of the hat is above the forehead or your front hair, while the front side of the cap sank back. This way make you more trendy of course.

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Look # 4 – Natural But Cool

How to use this one may be familiar and familiar to all fans of snapback. But, you can maximize your style by wearing the appropriate outfit when using snapback. For example, use this hat with casual shirt or shirt, denim jacket, baseball jacket, cool cool watch, sneaker, sunglasses, and cool shoes. Customize the color of the hat with one of the fashion items you wear to make you look smart and cool. Do not be afraid to blend colors and look different!

Look # 5 – Like A Gangsta, Yo!

know Kanye West right? You can cheat her style with a snapback with a white t-shirt, gangsta jeans, a necklace full of gold chain necklaces, and several stacked bracelets combined with a bling-bling accented hat. And, you too will look cocky at the same time cool maximum!

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