The Type of Stocking You Need to Know

The Type of Stocking You Need to Know

To support the appearance, many women use many things to create a beauty and beauty that attracts many people with a perfect appearance

Moreover, many things that are in need of women ranging from body treatments, makeup, accessories, shoes, bags, clothing and even stocking that will be in use. Stocking use is often used in this because many women who want to try something new or cover some of this lower body. However, to manunjang appearance to look more perfect you should adjust to the style and kinds of stockings that you can use accordingly.

Here are some kinds of stockings that you can use as an option that suits you, ranging from color selection, size and type:

• Thigh high

Stocking up thighs that can be used with hold up or stay up high hold on the toe to hold stocking position unchanged, no imprint or pain.

• Knee high tight knee

This stocking has a length below the knee starting from the calf high, ankle high or quarter high.

• Pantyhose

This type of stocking has the shape of trousers, as for various types of pantyhose like sheer waist, suspender or crotchless.

• Body stocking tight body

This stocking covers the legs and body like a jumpsuit shape. In addition body stocking is not just up the arm only but there is also a covering arm.

• Anti UV

This type of stocking will help keep you looking white and smooth while still exposed to the sun.

Open toe tight open. This type of stocking does not cover the fingers and nails so that your beautiful nails are still visible from the dressing stockings.

From several kinds of stockings that you can choose according to your needs, you can use to support the appearance wherever you are. So you do not need to be confused again to choose the stocking that suits your needs.