The Type of Male Jacket You Should Have To Maximize Appearance

The man’s jacket is the clothes that cover the upper body and the length is only up to the waist

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When the weather is cold, the jacket is very fitting for you to use. The types of jackets are numerous with a wide selection of models and materials. Of all the types of jackets that exist, at least you should have 5 types of men’s jacket below to maximize your style!

1. Windbreaker Jacket

Windbreaker jacket has a characteristic rubber on the wrist, hoodie, and collar so it is suitable for men who often spend time in cold-tempered areas or when riding a motorcycle. This man’s jacket is specially designed so as to keep the body temperature normal and warm despite the weather conditions are not friendly.

2. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket has another name flight jacket. The Outer was originally used by pilots and became a teen fashion trend of the 1970s. In the 1990s, this jacket back trend and used by the singers and hip hop musicians. This man’s jacket has a characteristic bulky or fat form, equipped with a zipper and bag on both sides.

3. Varsity Jacket

Originally, this jacket was named Letterman Jacket and was only used by Harvard University students. Over time, the varsity jacket spread its use to other campuses until high school and is now used by anyone. Characteristic of this jacket is embroidered letters on the left chest. Pair this jacket with casual t-shirts to complement your appearance.

4. Leather Jacket

As the name implies, this man’s jacket is made of leather, both genuine leather and synthetic leather. This jacket is perfect if you want a vintage look or if you want to look more maskoolin. Leather jacket is also very fit to use when riding a motorcycle

5. Denim Jacket

You must be familiar with this one man’s jacket. A cursory denim jacket looks like a shirt, but with a short, straight piece of waist. Denim jackets transformed from the work clothes of American workers in the late 1800s to become one of the latest inventions in the fashion world that is not eroded by the times. The choice of motifs and shapes are also now very diverse. You must have a denim jacket because this one item you can use in various occasions.

So What type of man’s jacket do you already have? Do not forget to complete your jacket collection so that the choice of your style more diverse!
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