Tips Choosing Boots Shoes


Since the first boots do have their own uniqueness that makes many women and men love this type of shoes. Before using boots, of course you have to choose first where boots are suitable shoes you wear. Convenience of the use of shoes will vary from person to person because the shape of the legs owned by every human will be different.

Actually the foot shape there are two types, namely the form of short or wide legs, then form a long leg or slim. The first type is usually owned by women or men who are fat, short, and contained. As for the form of a slender leg is usually owned by those tall and slender.

For women, maybe they mostly choose boots based solely on the interest in the model that looks good, or even just because of a particular brand only. Though you should choose the type of shoes based on the shape of your feet. Here are some tips on choosing boots for ladies with smart. Choose boots that are comfortable with the shape of your feet.

1. Boots Knees

This type of boots suitable for you who have a tall body and legs tiered. So for those of you who have thick thighs and small body should avoid wearing boots type this one because it can make the body look shorter.

2. Boots Wedges

Shoes boots type wedges can be used for various forms of foot type, such as short legs and long legs. But you need to distinguish the cover form of these boots. For those of you who have the shape of a foot level, you can wear wedges with full cover or rope. While you who have short legs, should use wedges with a short cover or just cover the toes only.

3. Ankle Strap

Women boots with this type of boots are usually suitable for those who have high legs, lean, and ladder. In order to form a long leg can look more contained, then you should use strappy shoes. The strap on the ankle can break the line on the foot, making it look too long or thin.

4. Boots Pump Shoes

Third-class boots boots are suitable for women who have short legs. However, you should use boots with open shapes or just cover the toes just to make the foot look more slim.

5. Peep Toe

Type boots shoes this one has a unique shape, which is open on the tip of the foot so as if most of the tip of the toes will look peeping. Peep toe shoes are suitable worn by everyone with different types of legs. In order for you to give a more sexy impression, you should choose peep toe shoes that have more thickness on the sol part just below.

Some types of boots above can be a guide before you choose which boots are right for you. How, quite easy right? Shoesvaganza also has attractive boots to wear on a variety of formal and non-formal events, Bohem Boots Tan by Duff. These boots are handmade in every detail. Materials used from genuine leather of choice. You do not have to worry about comfort issues, these shoes will guarantee the comfort of your feet.

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