Types of Male Boots Shoes That You Should Know

Types of Male Boots Shoes That You Should Know

Shoes boots are shoes with strong material and have a unique shape, usually boots used for workers who work in the field. But now boots are not only used for field workers just you know.

Boots have evolved into a trendsetter that supports performance. Even now boots have a variety of types and models and cool accents to wear by the men of today. Here are the types of men’s boots that you must know.

1. The Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have the characteristics of ankle high, slim and do not have a rope. Because these shoes do not have a strap, Chelsea boots have an elastic panel to ease you when you want to wear them or release them. You can combine Chelsea boots with bomber jackets, black shirts, and jeans.

2. The Chukka Boots

When you notice Chukka boots have a shape that is a bit similar to Chelsea boots, but chukka boots are equipped with a rope that has two or three holes to tie it up, otherwise chukka boots are usually made of suede.

3. Hiking Boots

This shoe is suitable for you who like to ride the mountain, because these shoes are designed to climb. Hiking boots model is ngepas with ankle, without limiting your movement. For the material itself now Hiking boots made with a smoother material that can support your appearance to be more stunning!

4. The Motorcycle Boots

This type of boots Motorcycle boots have a height above the ankle. This shoe protection is great because it’s designed to prevent friction with asphalt if you fall off your motorcycle.

5. The Military Boots

Military boots have the same function as Motorcycle boots that are equally protects the wearer’s feet. However, because these shoes boots better protect the wearer against the environment that is not friendly. For its own form, these men boots have high ankles and leather. The world fashion icons usually use this type of boots shoes with sunglasses to be more stylish.

6. The Cowboy Boots

This shoe is perfect for you who want to style cowboy. These boots are at least about your calves, not roped and have heels about 2 inches.

Well, it’s been taukan now that boots also have various types. The boots shoes guy you have now go into the type where ya?

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